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If you are an artist, author, musician, or any kind of creative spirit, I have a place you can fly free. Your piece can be framed or not. It cost you nothing to display your creativity either. Unlike many galleries, I don't sell your creativity I just provide a place where the world can see it. Make sure you include a picture of yourself, bio, and how people can contact you. You are more than just your portfolio or work on a wall. You are a human who deserves respect and compensation for your craft. Your humanity is your superpower to seize that. My desire at One Love is only to engulf every person who comes into the gallery with love and unity. Yours.


If you have some works for the unity wall send it to Billy Park "One Love Gallery" 18 Center Street Northampton MA USA 01060 or better yet stop by in person if in the area. I am open Wed - Sunday 12 - 6 pm.


Thanks y'all. Love Fierce.

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