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I have a vision in brick and mortar, not pixels and posts. My quest. Celebrate the multitude of things that unite us rather than fixate on the post-it note of things that divide us. Those bridges we all share. Like art, music, literature, photography, cooking... The list goes on and on. My dream is coming to life in a new, one of kind gallery "One Love."


My new art gallery is different than most. For one I don't consider it mine. I just pay the rent and brought the vision to life. It's the people's gallery. Even the homeless are welcome. One rule. Respect the space and the art within. You don't have to be famous or established to get on the walls either. I don't sell any art. I just give folks a free space to share their creativity. The place is anything but quiet. People chat freely and never have to whisper. Upbeat music plays in the background and live music on ocassion too. Kids run around and write on the walls freely. I could go on and on. You just have to see it for yourself. Stop by One Love at 18 Center Street (next to The Iron Horse) Northampton MA 01060

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