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First off, thanks for your interest in joining the mission. Without you this goes nowhere. So we all know someone we don't see eye to eye with. It could be a neighbor, relative, co=worker... Whomever it is I want you to buy them a cup of coffee. If you live near Northampton MA you could grab free coffees at my shop. Whether you live close by or thousands of miles away your mission is the same, find common ground between the two of you. If you'd like some tips before your meet up click here. Regardless of how successful you are in your efforts, I will send you a FREE Mission Common Grounds coffee cup. That's it. You can't even buy this mug. You have to earn it, making you a member of a special group of people helping shrink the divide one cup at a time. Sign up below and I will send you a link to where you can share your meet-up, and get your free coffee cup

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