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Home Sweet Home Contest


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Like many of you COVID has been leaving a bad taste in my life and especially my kids. So I got some gingerbread house kits at Wal-Mart to bring some much needed sweetness to our home. It's amazing what just spreading icing and plopping skittles on a sugary roof can do for troop morale. Suddenly my kids were not fighting which is a miracle in itself, and the house was filled with just giggles and ear piercing screams of delight. During that joyful event, I may have had signifigant hearing loss, but I was filled with happiness. It was then I realized even in the middle of our stressful, chaos filled days, we have so much to be thankful for that I take for granted. Most importantly we have a roof over our heads and a means to stay safe at home and pay the bills during this pandemic. So many don’t have that luxury. That gave me a bit of a crazy idea. So like many of my insane ideas, I decided to run with it.

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Washington has been trying, but so far has given the US little financial relief from the hardships of the virus. So I’d like to add a little of my own. A RENT FREE month for one family each month in 2021.

To qualify just get together with your whole family as I did with mine and simply create a gingerbread house. You can find them a Wal-Mart and I am sure Amazon. They run about $5. I promise your soul will be glad you made the investment, as well as your kids, and your checkbook could be smiling next year too. Once the house of sweetness is created, and before your kids eat it or knock it off the counter, take a picture of it. Also snap one of your crumb faced filled family. Then after your kid (13 or under) calms down from the sugar high have them write a story about life in your home sweet home during the pandemic. The magic that only a child can put on paper. Parents you can help them a bit, but it needs to be written from their eyes. Submit the story and pictures by US Mail to the address below or deliver in person to my One Love Gallery.

My family and I will look at all applicants and pick one winner each month. The prize? I will write your rent or mortgage check for that month. If you drop off your entry just call before you come (413) 584-1929. Regardless of how it gets here include your email address and phone number too so we can contact you with any questions, and most importantly let you know if you win a RENT FREE MONTH IN 2021.


One Love Gallery

18 Center Street

Northampton MA 01060

The winner for January will be announced on January 31st. Can't wait to see your sweet submissions.

Happy Holidays



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